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7 Mistakes Cat Owners Make

7 Mistakes Cat Owners Make

What cats hate the most. Dont do these 7 mistakes and your cats will love you for it.

You pet your cat at the wrong spots

Cats love it when you pet them, but not on every area of their body.

For instance: Many cats dont like to be touched on their belly. They’re ticklish and the belly is one of the most vulnerable body parts of a cat.

Their paws often is also a no go area. If a cat has a injured or broken paw she might not be able to survice when in the free wilderness. Fear of starvation is there deeply rooted in a cats instinct.

So if a cat doesnt let you touch any body parts, this most likely doesnt mean its a lack of trust. She just cant help it. Just respect your cats boundaries.

Your cat has no dedicated place to retreat

Cats are aligned animals. Keep this in mind.

How do cats deal with dangerous situations? They usually retreat. So your cat only feels secure when she has a place to retreat to. Thats why your feline friends often like to hide in the closet or under the bed. This is only a safe space if you respect it. Leave this soley for the cat. Pretend like you dont even know this space exists.

You disturb your cat while sleeping

Surely this sounds familiar: Your cat lies on the couch sleeping. She looks so cute so you just have to cudle her. How does the cat react? She gets scared and lifts her head in disbelief. Leave your cat alone when she sleeps. Dont enter the room with loud noises.

If you need to wake your cat, gently call her name until she notices you so she doesnt get scared.

You punish or scream at your cat

Like all animals, cats dont reckognize punishment for things she did wrong 5 minutes ago.

Striking your cat is obviously wrong, but so is screaming at your cat. The only thing you might achive here is losing the trust and bound, you developed with her. This is a huge mistake as a cat owner.

How to react we should look at cats themself. Adult cats are never vocal except for fighting. A sovereign cat never screams. Act like a sovereign cat, your cat will love you for it.

You hold your cat like a baby

I dont know why so many people hold their cat like a baby, belly upside down. Cats like to stand on their own four paws.

They want to be able, in case of danger, to retreat in an instant. Thats not possible when you hold them upside down. If you want to carry your cat, put their front paws on your shoulder and support the rest of them on your arm. Give her the feeling that she can run and jump away whenever she likes.

Also never hold your cat tight. If she doesnt want to stay by herself, let her go!

She doesnt want to be pet anymore but you keep going

This is a wide spread mistake. Your cat has had enough of your love but you cant stop. Often owners arent able to read the subtle cues your cat gives. When she strikes at you this gets perceived as all of the sudden.

Before this happens look at the following signals she gives you:

  • She starts grooming
  • She stops purring
  • She pushes your hand aside

All this means: stop it, ive had enough. You really should stop petting her at that point. If you dont shes gonna be really annoyed and acts accordingly.

You dont show enough patience

Cats need a lot of time for changes and the unknown. If cats dont like new food or cat litter, give her time. This may take a few weeks before a cat feels comfortable enough to try out new things.

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