how to play with your cat

How to Play With Your Cat

How to Play With Your Cat

Do you have cats at home and don’t have any idea on how to play with them? Are you looking for some ways on how to play your adult cats and kittens? Keep on reading this article for it will give you some ideas on how to play with your cats. Want to know it more? Let us start.

how to play with your cat

It will always bring funny and enjoyable moments for you and your cat when you are playing with each other. But aside from giving a fun, playing with your cats can also be the funny exercise that can bring benefits for both of you.

We all know that playing is also a kind of exercise. By making some bonding moments with your cat, whether adult or young, it will make their feline-human bond stronger. Feline-human bond is an essential aspect for all of us.

The skills of your cat on hunting will also be improved by making some interactive games. It will also help your cat to maintain his or her healthy weight.

Furthermore, one of the benefits of having some interactive playing with your cats is that it can wash away all the aggression and negative energy that your cat possesses.

Having some fun with your cats will also help them to build their self-confidence. If you bring your cat to his or her new home, having some hearty play sessions will help him or her on adapting his or her new home.

How to Play with Your Adult Cats?

The following are some tips that you can do to make some bonding moments with your adult cats.

how to play with your cat

The first thing that you should keep in mind if you want to make some funny moments with your cat is to have some cat toys. Cat toys such as catnip mice, wand toys, crinkly catnip things and many more can be your first way to bond with your cats.

But if you are a thrifty person, you can replace all of these cat toys with plastic rings that you can get from juice or milk containers, straws, wads of paper and other things that you can find in your home that are harmless for your cats.

Keep all your cat’s toys in a safe place after the playing session. It is very important to keep your cat’s toys because if your cats always see the toy, they will think it is unreal and can make them feel bored.

For your cat to become curious about the toy, create a toy that acts like or looks like a bird or a mouse. And for your information, you cannot force your cat to play, but you can create some ways to generate the interest of your cat to become more joyful.

To build your cat’s interest in a certain thing, you can also try to dim your room’s light because we all know that cats usually hunt mice when it has no light.

Try your best to meet your cat’s action intensity interests. After doing that, you can now read on your cat’s moves and eyes that he or she is now ready to play.

How to Play with Younger Cats?

We all know that kittens like to play anything. Keep in mind that your cat is a baby and not an adult one, so you should avoid cat toys that are too small and not too sharp because it might harm your kitten.

how to play with your cat

One of the best cat toys that you can give to your kitten is the cotton chew toys that are too soft and cannot harm them when they choke it in. Your kittens tend to play with the other younger cats, but if you own only one kitten, make sure that you will not use your feet or hands-on playing for your kitten can harm you.

For the past years, the most popular cat toy that you can give to your kittens or the adult cat is the plastic ball that has a little jingle bell inside of it. If you let your adult cat or kitten play it, you can ensure that your cats will enjoy playing it.

How to End your Cat’s Playing Session?

The perfect time on ending your cat’s playing session is when your cat gets tired, or your cat lost interest in playing. In every playing sessions that you do with your cats, make them feel that they are special to give them the strength and motivation to play. You can also make your playing session with your cat sweeter by giving him or her some treat. They are just like us. Cats are in need to be loved. When we give love for them, I am sure that the love they will give in return is double the love that we gave to them. Be sure to also take some time to train your cat.

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