how to train a cat

How to train a cat

How to train a cat

Its possible that you can train your cat to do some basic tricks. Using a toilet, come on command and more. Its not as dificult as one might think!

How to train a cat to: Come on command

how to train a cat- to come on command

Cats can learn vocal cues. In this step on how to train a cat you have to make a unique noise before feeding your cat. Before opening any bag or can with food. She will associate this sound with something positive (food) and will come to you when she hears it. Repeat this behaviour outside of the usual feeding times. Reward your cat with treats when she comes.

Repeat this practice twice a day for about five minutes. Do it for about 10 times each.

How to train a cat to: Use a toilet

Training a cat to use the toilet might take some work but it surely is worth it. You dont have to buy litter anymore and your home will be cleaner in general.

First place a litter box right next to the toilet. Then gradually bring it closer and closer to the top of the seat. Use a stool or a small ladder to help out your cat in this process. Once she is used to using the litter box on top of the toilet get a special litter box, which fits inside the toilet itself. Get flushable litter and again: gradually remove the litter so your cat learns to use the litter box without it. At the end, remove the litter box entirely.

How to train a cat to: Shake hands

This one is rather easy. Touch the paw of your cat while saying: “shake”. Use a clicker when she moves her paw. Repeat until your cat offers its paw to the “shake” command without toucher her paw. This might take several training sessions and days for your cat to get used to it.


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